Wood floor refurbishment is essential for offering your hardwood flooring that young, clean and fresh look back. This small change can even upgrade the aspect of your entire home, giving you the feeling that, for a moment, you are stepping into a completely new space.

However, when making the decision to request a full wood floor refurbishment, few customers know what to expect. How long does the process take, what does it involve, but especially what are the results you can expect in the end? Wood flooring specialists share 3 valuable insights that you should know:

How should you plan your timeline?

The duration of such a process varies from one client to another depending on the refined surface, the types of poly and the number of coats needed. Moreover, depending on the condition of the wood, your hardwood specialists may suggest either a superficial polish or a wood sanding (approximately 1 mm is removed from the top layer of wood), a process that takes longer.

In general, a medium-sized project can take within 3-6 days, but for safety, it is advisable to schedule this work before moving to the new space or when you are on vacation. In this way, the refinement work will not influence your lifestyle in any way.

What to expect from your “new” wood flooring?

A natural wood flooring is still a natural wood flooring, so you should not expect to see perfection. The natural color and graining variation of the wood can influence the final color of the boards. It is also possible that old signs of wear such as dents, scratches or gaps are still visible, especially if their depth was considerable.

At the same time, the older the wood flooring, the more “imperfections” appear. Try to enjoy the uniqueness that time offers to your parquet and to embrace the natural beauty all along.

What to avoid when the refurbishment is over?

To keep the new look of the floor intact, there are a few things you should avoid in the first few days of renovation:

  • Wait a few days (at least 2 – for water-based poly; at least 4 – for oil-based poly) until you place the furniture;
  • Do not place carpets on the freshly lacquered surface earlier than 2 weeks.
  • Avoid renovating walls immediately after varnishing the floor. Paint stains will be impossible to remove. Also, it is not indicated to use tape on the floor because it may remove the layer coat, leaving permanent marks.
  • Do not leave the windows open when drying is not over. Dust or pollen particles can reach the floor surface without being easily removed.

Refurbishing and refinishing your old wood flooring can take time, require a lot of care and attention, but the results are definitely worth it. Our advice is to keep an open communication with your hardwood specialists and to honestly discuss all your requests and expectations.

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