VIN Decoder

Do you know, that all information about vehicle are in one code? When you are buying a used car you should to know history of the vehicle.

What is VIN?

VIN Number is also called chassis number, is a serial number attached to each vehicle for identification purposes. The chassis number is unique and contain information about vehicle, like: manufacturer, year of production, where it was built.  It is very important number without it, diagnostician can’t let you use the vehicle.

VIN Decoding. What contain VIN Number?

VIN number contain 17-characters, which does not include the letters I (i), O (o), and Q (q). We have three main sections:

  • VMI – any vehicle has unique the manufacturer code (World manufacturer identifier). The code contain three characters and defines manufacturer and region of production.
  • VDS – it is main code (Vehicle Descriptor Section), contain 6 characters  may include information, about automobile platform used, mode, and body style.
  • VIS – (Vehicle Indicator Section) contain 8 characters and tell us about year of production, serial number, and company.


Where to find VIN?

VIN Location depends year of production, manufacturer and kind of vehicle. The most popular places how to find VIN Number are:

  • on the car’s firewall
  • next to spare wheel
  • on the dash near the windshield
  • on the door frame
  • next to steering
  • on the radiator support bracket
  • next to passenger seat
  • on the door frame

The easiest way is use our tool the huge database of vehicles offer you finding chassis number only in a few seconds. It is totally free!

Many buyers used cars often do not believe the dealers  and  want to check history of vehicles on their own. Every buyer can check history of vehicle via internet. Only need to have: VIN Number, registration number and date of first registration. Using the data let you to get information about model, year of production, current vehicle technical inspection and history of insurance.


VIN Decoder:

Through VIN decoding has never been so easySite has a huge database of vehicles, where in easy wat you can get  location of VIN Number on your vehicle. Check how easy it is.

VIN Number is for a lot of people series of unintelligible characters. In fact VIN Number is code which contain all information about vehicle. Good to know how looks  VIN decoding and where is he located on car.