Did you know that all the information about a given car is contained in one code? When buying a car, especially the “second hand” one, it is worth checking where the VIN is and what the letters and numbers in it mean. With us, decoding the VIN will never be a problem.

What is VIN?

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is nothing more than a body number. It is an individual number for each vehicle assigned by the manufacturer. Each make of vehicle has its own coding system. For VIN decoding to take place without any problems, you need to know several rules that apply to different brands.

VIN decoding. What does the number consist of?

A VIN is 17 characters, consisting of numbers and letters. However, you will not find letters such as I,O,Q in the code so that they are not mistaken for numbers 1 and 0. The VIN decoding consists of three sections:

  • VMI – this is the World Manufacturing Identifier code. This code consists of three characters and identifies the vehicle manufacturer and region where the vehicle is located.
  • VDS – this is the main code to identify the vehicle (Vehicle Descriptor Section) and consists of 6 characters . It contains information on the vehicle type, chassis and structure.
  • VIS – this is the section that identifies the vehicle in detail (Vehicle Indicator Section). It consists of 8 characters. The entire VIS code contains information about the year of manufacture, factory and serial number.

Use the field below to decode the VIN:

Where to find the VIN number?

If we already know what VIN decoding looks like, the question now is where to find it? It turns out that the VIN number may be in other places depending on the vehicle model. The most common places to place a VIN number are:

  • The place where the glass meets the dashboard on the driver’s side
  • Surrounding area of the door latch
  • Right hand circle
  • Right-hand side engine compartment reinforcement
  • Floor near the right front seat
  • Boot floor on the right


Depending on the brand and model, VIN is located in various locations. Some people looking for an answer to where the VIN is in Tesla are surprised to find that the overlay has to be pulled out at the thresholds. In many Mercedes-Benz cars such as the CL 63 AMG 2010-2018, you have to put an armrest in the back of the couch to find the vin.

VIN decoding is not just about looking for a number all over the vehicle. You can also find the VIN number in documents such as the service book and registration certificate in field E.

Aware customer – VIN check

Many second-hand car buyers often do not believe the dealers and check the vehicle history themselves. The Ministry of the Interior has made it possible for all drivers to check their vehicle history online. It is enough to have a VIN number, registration number and date of first registration. This data will be used to check the make of the vehicle, model, year of manufacture, current technical inspection and insurance mileage. All this data will certainly prove useful to all used car buyers.

With our website VIN-Location.com , VIN decoding has never been so easy. The website has an extensive database of vehicles where you can easily and easily obtain information on the exact location of your VIN number in your vehicle. See for yourself how easy it is. The VIN is an incomprehensible sequence of characters and numbers for many. In fact, it is a code that contains all the information about your car. It’s worth knowing what VIN decoding looks like and where the number is located in a particular car model.