VIN decoder is usually available in free and paid version. Which solution is best? Apart from the obvious difference resulting from the payment, it is often unclear what is the difference between free VIN decoding services and paid reports. Therefore, we explain below which solution is often more helpful.

When can a VIN decoder help?

All seventeen characters of the VIN code code include information such as place and year of manufacture, vehicle type, mileage and service repairs. This data can be extremely helpful, for example, when you need it:

  • You must find and identify your car (e.g. after the theft),
  • You want to check the reliability of the vehicle seller,
  • you must perform a valuation of the vehicle
  • You want to determine the equipment version,
  • You need to buy some parts for your car.

Remember that a VIN is like the bottom code of any car, and a VIN decoder allows you to read the data encoded in it quickly. Just click on the form below.

VIN decoder – is a free version of the report enough?

If you are wondering which solution is best for you, here are two things to consider when determining which version of the service will meet your expectations.

Scope of the report

I guess everyone knows that not every VIN decoder can provide the same vehicle information. The service is not equal, especially when it comes to the extent of the vehicle’s history. The data obtained will usually vary depending on the vehicle, the country of origin and the level of data collected about the vehicle. So if you are only looking for basic data such as make, model, year, equipment version or engine type, a free VIN decoder may be enough for you. However, if your expectations are higher and you need detailed information about the vehicle, e.g. about potential service repairs or the share of accidents, you should consider using the full, paid version of the report.

Accuracy of information

A very accurate vehicle database that makes new vehicle data available in good time is extremely valuable. Especially if you are interested in a younger model of car. Usually a free VIN decoder does not update its database with the latest vehicles.

Free VIN decoder or paid?

Despite the fact that a free VIN decoder often seems to be a good way to save a dozen or so zlotys, it is usually not the best way to reduce your expenses. Especially when you are planning to buy a used car that will be registered for the first time in the country. Then accurate, current and above all detailed information on the vehicle can be extremely helpful. And thanks to the registers you have created, you can assess the reliability of your car dealer more quickly, thereby minimising the risks associated with the purchase of a used car.