Practice shows that few drivers decide to check the VIN in the car they plan to buy. And yet, verification of a vehicle’s history can protect potential buyers from buying a car that has been mispriced, has a rich accident history, or has been stolen. That is why at the negotiation stage it is worth checking the VIN in the vehicle we are interested in.

What data will the VIN check reveal?

The VIN check provides a detailed report on the vehicle, which includes, among other things, data such as car ownership history, accidents and recent documented mileage. This information is very important for potential buyers.

How easy to guess the key to getting a vehicle history report is the VIN. It provides insightful data, which also includes information from outside the CEPiK archives, and allows for the verification of cars used outside the country. Despite the fact that such an extensive VIN check costs money, let us remember that these amounts are relatively low. This minimises the risk associated with the purchase of your dream car on the aftermarket.

VIN decoding may show other vehicle information such as:

  •  Technical parameters.
  •  Factory fitted equipment that has been placed in the vehicle by the manufacturer.
  •  Known vehicle damage.
  • Mileage of the vehicle.

What is important is that the VIN check also allows you to access the data contained in the databases of the vehicles you are looking for and its previous photographs. As you can see, all this information is extremely important to the potential buyer. And by using a VIN decoder, we can be sure that the car we are buying is not only well looked after for the current sale, but is also in a really good technical condition.

VIN check before buying a car

The process of buying a used car usually looks like we drive and see the car in person, take a test drive, negotiate with the seller, etc. However, often, due to the dynamics of the whole transaction, we forget to take some time to check the VIN.
And I guess there is no need to explain to anyone that it is not worth buying a vehicle without knowing its documentation and real history. Experience has shown that the documents saying that the car has been serviced are sometimes too little, after all, we often want to know whether the car was an accident. Without in-depth specialist knowledge, we are not able to assess whether the car was previously damaged and then we have to trust the seller’s words. However, not everyone knows that in such a situation a vehicle history report can come in, which can be obtained using the form below.


 Is it worth taking time to check the VIN before buying?

Buying a used car without taking the time to check the VIN can be very risky, no matter what brand you choose. The whole purchase process is usually very emotional. Especially when you want to become the owner of your dream car. And without a detailed vehicle history report, we will have to trust the seller, for example, to know that the car is accident-free or has no known technical problems. Such a quick decision to purchase can bring many unpleasant surprises, because we can buy a vehicle that has previously been significantly damaged or, worse still, is stolen.
So let us remember that when faced with a purchase of a car (especially from abroad) we should always decide to check the VIN. What is neither difficult nor expensive in today’s specialist tools. All the more so as it is really fast via our website