The body number is an individual code consisting of 17 characters. Checking a VIN in the Subaru allows, among other things, to verify a lot of important information about the car you own or want to buy. Buying a used Subaru vehicle may involve a risk, but a VIN decoder will reveal the detailed history of the car, i.e. the equipment, service repairs, mileage or number of previous owners. So where can I find the VIN in the Subaru and how can I decode it? Read in our article.


Subaru – VIN decoding

The VIN code consists of numerous and important information about the car. For this reason, decoding the body number in the Subaru can be very helpful for those who are interested in purchasing a used car of this brand from abroad. Verification of the VIN in the Subaru makes it possible to determine parameters such as model year, country of manufacture or equipment options. From the purchaser’s point of view, however, the most important thing is that the vindecoder also allows you to search the database of stolen vehicles and learn about its history of accidents and service repairs. As you can see, decoding the VIN in the Subaru allows you to verify the data given by the seller when selling the car. If you want to find out whether the Subaru you are interested in is accident-free or illegally modified, decode the VIN via the form below.

Subaru – where to find VIN?

Before we decode the VIN, the first steps should be to check the car to see where the body number is on the fixed component in the Subaru and then compare it with the VIN recorded in the documents. It is important to pay attention to any tampering with the number. The location of the code depends not only on the model but also on the vintage, so finding a VIN can be time-consuming. If you are wondering where the VIN is in the Subaru Forester, the manufacturer in the years 2000-2002 placed it on the front bulkhead and the VIN plate on the side reinforcement right. The younger version of this model from 2008-2011 has the VIN number on the fixed element on the front bulkhead and the VIN nameplate on the middle left post.

But if you can’t locate the VIN in your Subaru, use the proven VIN locating tool so you don’t waste time searching.

Subaru – checking the VIN

Let us remember that the verification of basic data before buying a used vehicle is particularly important when buying a car imported from abroad. And verifying the VIN number in the Subaru will help to eliminate any concerns arising from the purchase. Thanks to the vehicle history report, the information provided by the seller can be analysed. Especially those concerning potential service repairs, previous owners or its mileage.  So how to check the Subaru’s history? This can be done online by filling out the form below. The body number can be verified in the basic version, free or paid. You will then receive a full Subaru report. Let us remember that the cost of the service is relatively small compared to the price we can pay for a car with hidden problems or imported illegally.