Each car has a unique identification code called VIN. This number contains relevant information about the car, such as equipment, model year, engine type or place of manufacture. If someone wants to buy a Skoda car from the aftermarket, decoding the VIN may be a good way to verify the data provided by the dealer. A VIN decoder will check that the Skoda has not previously been in an accident, stolen or illegally modified. So where to find the VIN in Skoda and how to decode it? We suggest the following.

Skoda – VIN decoding

VIN decoding in a Skoda car provides detailed information about the car, as each VIN contains many important, individual parameters. In addition to general Skoda specifications such as model year or country of manufacture, the VIN decoder provides key data that can be particularly helpful in verifying the vehicle before purchase. Especially if your Skoda has been imported into the country. By decoding the VIN, you can check what equipment the original Skoda has, the colour of paint, the type of upholstery and the number of cushions. Any discrepancies may suggest that the vehicle may have been in an accident or modified in the past contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Skoda – where to find VIN?

As you know, finding a VIN in a Skoda car is not always easy. Especially since manufacturers place the code depending on the model and year of manufacture. So where can you find the VIN in a Fabia Skoda? The 2007 – 2010 yearbook had the VIN on a fixed element on the right side reinforcement and the VIN plate on the dashboard housing on the left. Younger models from 2010 – 2013 had the VIN number on the fixed element on the front right and a VIN plate on the dashboard housing on the left. The popular Skoda Octavia has the VIN number in three places. The slightly larger Skoda Roomster in cars manufactured between 2010 and 2015 had the VIN number on the fixed component on the right-hand side reinforcement near the seat of the right-hand damper. Superb, on the other hand, also had the VIN number in three places. The VIN number is on the right-hand side of the front panel and the VIN plate is on the right-hand centre pillar.

The most reliable is the body number, which is stamped on the fixed part and not the sticker.


 Skoda – checking the VIN number

As we have already mentioned, the VIN code contains a lot of important data about the car. Therefore, deciphering the Skoda brand identification number allows you to see important details about the car. The vehicle history report may contain information about the meter status, possible thefts, repairs or equipment. These aspects play a significant role when buying a used car, especially if the Skoda is registered for the first time in the country. So how do you check the VIN number in your Skoda? Simply fill out the form below and use the free or paid version of the report on a specific Skoda vehicle. It is also worth remembering that the cost of a full vehicle history report is small compared to the price we can pay for a car that may have been previously damaged.