MAN vehicles are popular trucks. They have a unique body number of 17 characters to identify them. It also allows you to verify the detailed parameters of the car. Encoding the VIN number at MAN can help you find important data about the car you are interested in, because a VIN decoder will reveal detailed vehicle history such as actual mileage or service repairs. So how do you find the VIN at MAN and how do you decode it? We will tell you how to decode it in the following article.

MAN – VIN number decoding

Due to the data stored in the VIN, the decoding of the body number at MAN is particularly recommended for those planning to purchase a vehicle of this brand. This is all the more so because buying a tractor from the aftermarket involves some risk. The MAN brand identification number helps to determine detailed parameters such as model year, equipment options and mileage. However, the verification of the body number makes it possible, above all, to search the database of stolen vehicles and to see the full history of service repairs, faults or the number of owners. As you can see, decoding the VIN in MAN vehicles gives you access to important vehicle information so that you can verify the data provided by the current owner. If you want to know whether the MAN you want to buy is accident-free and has undergone service repairs, decode the VIN via the form below.

MAN – where to find VIN?

Whether you are planning to buy a passenger car or a truck, you should always locate the VIN on its fixed component and compare it with the body number recorded in the documents. Sometimes you can see at a glance whether someone has interfered with the VIN. However, it can be difficult to find the VIN at MAN, because manufacturers do not always put the code in visible places. This depends on several factors. If you are wondering where the VIN is in the MAN TGM 18.250, the manufacturer has put it on a sticker on the driver’s door frame in vehicles manufactured between 2009 and 2013, while the VIN is on a fixed part of the wheel arch on the passenger side.

And let’s not forget that the most reliable is the body number, which is stamped on the fixed component, not the sticker. And any interference with the VIN may suggest that there may be some hidden problem with the vehicle.

MAN – check the VIN number

Verification of the basic data in an MAN vehicle can be very helpful especially before a purchase, especially as it can protect us from a failed transaction. Verification of the VIN number at MAN will primarily make it possible to check the information provided by the current owner with the facts. In particular, the VIN decoder will help you to obtain parameters concerning equipment versions, potential service repairs or faults, the number of previous owners or the last documented mileage.  So how do you check your MAN history? This can be done at any time by completing the form below. The basic version of the service is available free of charge, while those who wish to find out more detailed information about a specific MAN vehicle can use the paid full vehicle history report.