What is VIN breakdown?

VIN breakdown is also known as vin decoding. Lets start with definition and importance of VIN Number – it is unique number of every vehicle on our roads. Due to VIN, owners of vehicles are protected, before buying stolen or crashed car!  VIN contain 17-characters, which does not include the letters I (i), O (o), and Q (q). Chassis number has  three main sections: VMI – any vehicle has unique the manufacturer code (World manufacturer identifier). The code contain three characters and defines manufacturer and country of production. VDS – it is primary code (Vehicle Descriptor Section), contain 6 characters  may include information, about automobile platform used, mode, and body shape. VIS – (Vehicle Indicator Section) contain 8 characters and tell us about year of production, serial number, and manufacturer.

This operation let you get full information about your vehicle. It is especially important when you are buying used car. You can check vin history and information about thefts and crashes.

Where to find VIN number?

Before VIN breakdown you have to know VIN location. To the most popular locations belogns: front of the car frame,  next to rear wheel well, under or next to spare wheel, front of the engine block (also called bulkhead), middle column, next to passenger seat. Also you can find VIN Number in other places like: registration card, vehicle title, insurance policy, police reports, owner’s manuals.

If you want to VIN breakdown, use our tool and locate the chassis number in a few seconds.

Remember, before buying used vehicle worth to VIN breakdown! You can do this by typing your VIN Number below.