The European Union is planning to introduce changes that are supposed to improve road safety. It is, among others, for the installation of speed limiters that will make the vehicle go faster than 150 km / h.

Less fatal accidents?

The EU is keen to reduce the number of fatal accidents on the roads. Last year, there were 25,000 on the streets. deaths. It is planned that by 2030 the number is to be halved. The producers of new cars have to face the changes first and foremost. Already now mandatory ABS, ESP, tire pressure sensors and an audible signal are installed when the seatbelts are not fastened. This year another change has come into effect. This is an e-call system that will automatically call for help when we are hit by a road accident. However, officials in the EU are not enough. It is planned to include assembly of “black boxes” in vehicles and speed limiters that will make us not go faster than 150 km / h.

Why 150 km / h?

Here the question arises, why the restriction concerns 150 km / h? After all, on motorways in Poland, the maximum permitted speed on the motorway is 140 km / h and in other European countries these values ​​are often the same or lower. Only on highways in Germany there are no restrictions. Will such a recipe make road pirates go slower.

Many people think that such a limiter would pass the exam mainly on highways and expressways. However, the statistics show that most accidents happen at much lower speeds and it is not entirely clear how such a limiter would work in such cases.


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