Motorcycle VIN Decoder is also important like in other vehicles. The biggest benefits of decoder are: information about accident history, comparison present equipment of vehicle to original, if a vehicle is stolen.


What is VIN?
VIN also called chassis number is unique number of every motorcycle. It contain information about motorcycle like year of production, model, where it was built. All vehicles required unique VIN number.

Finding VIN location necessary to Motorcycle VIN Decoder

VIN location at motorcycle in opposite to other vehicles is almost always in the same place – on the steering neck. It really easy to find out  number, next step is motorcycle VIN decoder. Other case is finding VIN at ATVs also known as quads it depends from manufacturer the same like in cars. But to the most popular locations belongs: on the left of the frame under shifter, in the front behind bumper, behind left rear wheel.

When Do You need motorcycle VIN?
Chassis number is required:

  • When you want to sell your motorcycle
  • When someone stole your motorcycle and you want to recover it
  • When you want to buy insurance or  do motorcycle title or registration


Motorcycle VIN Decoder is divided into four sections.

  • SECTION I WMI World Manufacturer  Identifier)
  • SECTION II VDS (Vehicle Descriptor Section)
  • SECTION III Control character
  • SECTION IV Year of production, Manufacturer, VIS (Vehicle Indicator Section) – the unique number of the motorcycle


Remember, before buying worth to check the history of motorcycle! You can do this by typing your VIN Number below.